GOING LIVE - please see my first weblog entry for further information.
WELCOME to the personal website of Tony Enticknap - an adventurous and enthusiastic, Dorset UK based, amateur wildlife and nature photographer.

I'd really like to think that your visit to my website is an intentional one, but whether it is, or whether you’ve just stumbled across it by accident, I’ll start this general introduction by thanking you for your interest. I hope you enjoy what you see and that you will 'bookmark' this home page so that you can periodically return to catch-up on developments and to share my travel and wildlife photographic experiences.

Before I outline the objective and format of the site, I'd like to give a quick explanation of the 'tickspics' web address. Many moons ago I had the schoolboy nickname of 'tick'. I haven't been called it since then but it occurred to me, when I was trying to think of an original and suitable personal domain name for the site, that it would be far more user-friendly than having an address based on my unusual family name. So, the 'tick' abbreviation was resurrected and adapted through a logical progression of thought to form 'tickspics' - a name I’ve now adopted for all my photography, both for this website and my associated Flickr photostream.

THE OBJECTIVE - Whilst I’ve been contemplating having my own website for quite a while, it is only now, following recent retirement, that I’ve found the time to pull all my ideas together. In truth, I also thought that it was a bit self-indulgent to have your own domain when it is purely for non-commercial personal use. However, as each year passes, more and more photographers are becoming active on the internet, so I thought I would join them. Fortunately my wife shares my passion for wildlife and photography. We also both enjoy traveling to remote and wild places and are never happier than when we are able to combine these interests together. This minuscule portion of internet space provides a perfect venue for me to record our travel experiences and to showcase some of my photos and, whilst it’s primarily a personal website, it's one with a warm welcome to anyone who is taking the time to look.

SITE FORMAT - I’m probably being a bit ambitious, but as well as the usual ‘about me’, ‘weblog’ (for general bits of news, information and ponderings), links section which I've called ‘InfoData’ and ‘contact’ pages, I wanted to include some information about the amazing places in the world we visit, two different photo gallery sections, plus some form of journal. My overall aim being to include additional content that I hope will make the viewing experience a little bit more interesting than if it was just a standard photo website.

The ‘travel’ section is currently divided into three geographical regions – the Western Palearctic covering the UK, Europe and North Africa; the Afrotropics region of West, East and South Africa, plus the western Indian Ocean; and the Neotropical ecozone of South and Central America and the Caribbean. The locations of the different places we have visited within those regions are shown on simple maps, with some general information appertaining to each of those places on separate linked travel pages. I've tried to cram quite a bit of information into this section so, to keep the menu tidy and compact, I've listed all of the travel related pages together under a travel section 'quick index'. This index includes some additional pages not mentioned here, such as my personal bird and animal lists for species that I've both seen and photographed.

In respect of my photography, which was of course the whole purpose of starting this website, I've found that it's impractical to include photos of all the different types of wildlife that we’ve encountered on our travels. My original plan was to have separate bird and animal sets for each species group, but when I started to add up the number of photos I wanted to include I quickly realised that that idea was not going to work. There is also the regular task of keeping information current and adding new photos to the site. As a result, I now have two main galleries - the first, entitled 'selections', includes location-based photo sets for the different areas of the world we've visited. Each of these sets includes a mixed selection of photos to provide a reasonably good example of what we have seen within that particular country or region. The other gallery entitled 'collections' is for defined photo sets, each incorporating images of a specific species or group of related species. All photos will include both the common and scientific name of the species, plus the location and date taken. There will also be a written introduction to the gallery and further information for each of the main sets within that gallery.

At this point, and whilst I'm talking about my wildlife photos, I'd like to note that all of the images on this website have been taken by me and, apart from one particular 'collections' set of big cat head portraits, are of truly wild animals or birds photographed within their natural habitat.

Following the two photo galleries we have the ‘journal’ section, which has its own introduction, so I won’t repeat the intention and layout here other than to say that it includes a quarterly diary, plus annual travel journals and trip schedules.

And, the final observation about the site content is that there’s a semi-hidden section for ‘bird taxonomy’, the related content of which has grown way beyond anything I originally envisaged. It's certainly given me a broad understanding of bird taxonomy that I didn't have before, so I thought it would be useful to share. There are also a number of related taxonomy lists, which provide a useful point of reference when I’m cataloguing new species. Whilst the contents are tabled on the ‘SiteMap’, I’ve added a link on this page near the top of the adjacent sidebar that takes you directly to another separate introduction and expanded index.

Well, if you've read this far, I must have said something that has aroused your interest. If that's true, then I'm very pleased, because that was the intention and, therefore, regardless of this being a personal website, it's nice to know that others are getting enjoyment from it.

FEEDBACK - Please make any comments via my ‘contact’ page, however brief and whether positive or negative, as all feedback will be gratefully received - it may even prompt me to start a ‘guestbook’.
VIEWING PHOTOS - The size and resolution of the photos on this website have been optimised for desktop monitors and standard laptops, which is how I would expect my target audience to view them. The photos within the two galleries, 'selections' and 'collections', open in their own pop-up window, which provides a direct link to the next photo without having to go back to the set thumbnails - they do not expand to fill the screen as this is not a 'responsive design' website. Conversely, some photos may appear slightly oversize if viewed on a notebook or very small laptop such as the mini 11-inch MacBook-Air. Accessing and navigating the website, or trying to view photos, on a smartphone or similar size device is not recommended.
If you read right through the panel opposite you’ll see that this is a personal website, with an emphasis on wildlife travel as well as wildlife photography. There are a lot of hidden pages relating to travel, that are best accessed from this 'quick index'.

There are two photo galleries – ‘selections’
for my travel image sets,
and ‘collections’ for
species related photo sets.

The other sections should be self-explanatory.
Click here for a useful glossary of wildlife technical terms, acronyms and associated jargon.
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Click here to view my
safari animals list and
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2018 - Q1 (Jan - March)
2017 - annual summary

My 'World Bird List' is
updated after each trip
with any new species
that I've photographed.

Some interesting recent
additions include :-

Green Bee-eater
Green Bee-eater

Hoatzin (3)
Hoatzin (3)

Northern Hawk Owl (4)
Northern Hawk Owl (4)

Dalmatian Pelican (4)
Dalmatian Pelican (4)

Pel's Fishing-Owl (1)
Pel's Fishing-Owl (1)

Giant Kingfisher
Giant Kingfisher

Clicking any of the above
thumbnails will provide a
link to all six images.

The originals of which
can be viewed together
with other related images
within the appropriate
'selections' or 'collections'
gallery photo set.