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When I first started constructing this website way back in 2013, I intended that the ‘journal’ section would effectively act as a wildlife photography related blog so that I could keep a reasonably detailed account of our local days out. That plan worked for a while, but although I completed quite a number of entries during those first few months, lack of time meant that I was always running behind. And then, when I did have some time to spare, I was spending it on bringing the ‘journal' up to date rather than concentrating on the main sections of the site so, around mid 2014, I decided to put that whole idea on hold with a view of starting it up again when I was in a position of making the website live.

However, I've now re-thought that decision as I’m appreciating just how much work and effort is going to be involved in maintaining the site. If I’m going to run a website it has to be current and relevant, so there’s simply no point including a ‘journal’ if it’s not kept up to date. I’d far prefer to spend more time on the travel side of what we're doing and some of the hopefully more interesting sections of the website, rather than laboriously writing about individual days out that are going to be of little or no interest to others.

So, my modified format from the beginning of 2016, is to have a regular quarterly round-up of anything we’ve done within the period, whether it be locally, elsewhere in the UK or overseas, combined with any other relevant news or events. These diary entries will be kept together on the left-hand side of the following index. And then, on the right-hand side, I’ll keep travel journal lists of any trips or tours that we’ve been on, together with any current or future scheduled trips. These entries will be indexed by year and will act as a personal calendar. And, then at the end of the year, starting with 2015, I will add a completed 'annual trip summary' report together with any relevant links to more detailed write-ups or associated information.
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Previous diaries :               2016 - Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4
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