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My D850 diary come 'blog' section .....

Although the above title is self-explanatory to a degree, could I please ask anyone who's looking at this diary for the first time to spend a couple of minutes reading the 'what I'm trying to achieve' page. I've listed five Q&A’s that should hopefully clarify what the diary is about - as well as providing a general introduction.

Memory cards and related issues
Sunday, 15th October 2017

Whilst it’s early days for this ‘blog’ section as I’m still awaiting delivery of my D850, there are a couple of specific issues that can be looked at in advance of actually using the camera - the first of these is memory cards.

Immediately after placing my D850 on pre-order just over a month ago I started thinking about memory cards, because I knew that I was going to be faced with a pretty hefty additional expense. Although I had a good idea where the exercise would take me, I had to consider a number of factors before making any final decisions - questions regarding the format, capacity/size, brand/speed, quantity required and, not to be forgotten, the need for a new card reader.

You may be surprised by the number of issues these questions raise.

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Comparative specifications and a few personal observations
Friday, 6th October 2017

Better and probably more comprehensively detailed elsewhere, but here’s my take on the key performance features of the D850 (excluding its video capabilities) that I’ve noted when specifically comparing the specs with the D810.

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Some prelims …..

What am I trying to achieve with this diary?

On this page I’ve attempted to clarify ‘what I’m trying to achieve' by responding to the following questions :-
  • What is the purpose of this D850 diary when there’s already so much information available on the internet?
  • Why do I feel a need to have a diary?
  • What will it focus on?
  • What will the format be?
  • Will any of it be useful for others?
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Rumours, announcements and the first reviews

Whilst the initial rumours about a pending D810 upgrade can be traced back to February 2017 and probably further, they didn’t really start gathering pace until the end of May, which was ….. This proved correct, because Nikon did indeed make an announcement on 25th July 2017, but it wasn’t quite what the press and rumour mongers were expecting ….. The official company announcement followed a month later …..

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The decision to start this diary
An extract from my ‘July to September 2017’ quarterly journal entry

Now, far more interesting news, was Nikon’s announcement on 24th August regarding the launch of their new, high-resolution, full frame camera - the D850. I doubt that anyone who is reading this will have read all my previous write-ups about waiting for a D900 - a camera that I hoped would be released to fill the gap between the D750 and the D5.

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What I’d written prior to the announcements …..

I originally wrote about my desire for a new camera back in March 2017 following our trip to Finland. My initial comments were entitled “my concerns about the D810” and subsequently “D810 - not for action or high ISO”. I then made further reference to the issue with “reviewing my gear for future trips”, which was a subject that I touched on in my ‘April to June 2017’ quarterly journal entry. As it may be interesting to look back at what I said, I’ve brought all of these comments together as a starting point for the diary.

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